Mott’s Minions

While employed by Group360, I had the opportunity to explore the exciting world of Consumer Packaged Goods marketing for the first time. And this was easily best project I worked on.

They’ve got the little Minions on them. And they say “Ba-na-na!”

My role as an account executive was to facilitate the desires of the client (Dr. Pepper/Snapple) to the internal creative team at Group360,  producing a slew of CPG related materials. Point of sale coupons and promotions, packaging refreshes, co-branded initiatives (ie the pouches), ensuring all legal disclaimers are accurate, and I even got to do some “competitive market research analysis.”

We tasted the other brands of applesauce. We also did the important stuff – comparing styles, phrasing, color choices, etc. But it was mostly for the tasting.