Don’t Die of Doubt

American Heart Association Don’t Die of Doubt

The main purpose of my employment with the AHA was to help transpose hundreds and hundreds of web pages from an old platform to a new one, using the CMS Sitecore. But the piece I’m proudest to have worked on came about once COVID-19 hit. By June 1st, 2020, hospitals had seen a 30% drop in admissions for heart attacks and strokes, due to fears emergency room fears of coming in contact with COVID patients.

So the AHA started the Don’t Die of Doubt Initiative, dispelling myths and fears about going to the ER during this unprecedented time. I was responsible for creating the page, sourcing information from subject matter owners, editing, and publishing.

As with the rest of the world, COVID had a financial impact on the AHA, and funding for my contract project was suspended in July 2020.